VanderSat Data Products Release Notes

Version 1.0: Haarlem


The Haarlem release improves the soil moisture, VOD and LST products by including better RFI filtering and processing of the 36 Ghz data. In addition, an operational service of the Derived Root zone soil moisture (DRZSM) is introduced.

Date:January 2019
Compatability changes:
 File type changes, climatology change in RFI areas, new api names



  • Updated RFI detection at the footprint level
  • Updated Ka-Band processing to remove spatial artifacts (visible in X and C Band soil moisture)
  • Improved intercalibration of AMSRE and AMSR2

Product names

As of version 1.0 the version number of the product is part of the API product name by default An explanation is given in Product naming convention. Be sure to switch to the new products as soon as possible als the old products will de deprecated and eventually support will end.

Old and new api names for several commonly products
Old name New name
SM-SHORT-100 SM-LN_V001_100
SM_C1N_100 SM-C1N_V001_100
SM_XN_100 SM-XN_V001_100

Version 0.9: Noordwijk


The Noordwijk release is the first operational release of VanderSat soilmoisture, VOD, LST and inundation.

Date:January 2018